Jacques Garcia


Jacques Garcia

"Garcia has taken historically significant forms and re-interpreted them by paring them down to their most basic elements. By crafting these pieces out of natural fibers and organic materials, he has made them fresh and very appropriate to the McGuire assortment."

President - McGuire, Jason Phillips

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Born in 1947, Jacques Garcia discovered a talent for drawing, a passion for antiques and a fascination for collecting objects d'art at a very young age. He studied at the applied arts at the Penninghen School of interior design before training with several famed interior designers and setting out on his own.

Based in Paris, Mr. Garcia has completed projects throughout the world including Paris, New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, Miami, Beirut, Baden Baden, Geneva, and Brussels. Famed Parisian addresses include James Joyce's favorite restaurant Le Fouquet's, Oscar Wilde's residence Hýtel des Beaux-Arts, the renowned Hýtel Costes, and Le Rivoli-Notre Dame.

In 1992, Mr. Garcia embarked on a 5-year project to restore a distinguished seventeenth-century French chateau-Champ de Bataille - located about 100 km from Paris. Once the chateau was completed, he began restoring the surrounding gardens to their original French style. Today, the gardens of Champ de Bataille are one of France's largest private landscape projects since the beginning of the twentieth century; Champ de Bataille receives more than 30,000 visitors every year.

Jacques Garcia is known for his flair for design, the use of exquisite details, and drama in scale and proportion.

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