John and Elinor McGuire Officer's Chair

It's always been about more than just making furniture. It started with a bold idea: to explore the relationship between outside and inside; between elegance and raw nature. When John and Elinor started their company in 1948 their goal was to reinterpret natural materials into objects of perfect proportion and design. Imaginative and uncompromising, they used best in class materials and adhered to a quality of workmanship that was meticulous. Our mission is to uphold that mantle - to continue to elevate craft to an art form that reflects today's new definition of luxury. Today, we still delight in doing the things that are unexpected; like serpentine jade pulls, rawhide bindings and joinery methods from classic Chinese furniture. We want our customers to know that every piece of the process is still considered.

Town & Country magazine once wrote, "The story of John and Elinor McGuire and the success of McGuire is a singularly American saga ... of a young couple's imagination, determination, hard work and mutual dedication to values of taste and quality."

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