Explorer Stool

Laura Kirar
No. MCAO107
Product Dimensions: U.S. Customary System
Width Depth Height
W 25in D 21in H 16.75in
Product Dimensions: Metric System
Width Depth Height
W 63.5cm D 53.3cm H 42.5cm

Detailed Dimensions

  • Detailed Dimensions
      Product Dimensions: U.S. Customary System Product Dimensions: Metric System
    W 25in 63.5cm
    D 21in 53.3cm
    H 16.75in 42.5cm
    Detailed Dimensions
      Product Dimensions: U.S. Customary System Product Dimensions: Metric System
  • COM/COL Requirements
      Product Dimensions: U.S. Customary System Product Dimensions: Metric System

Options & Features

Product Features

  • Ash wood frame with Abaca cord and leather woven in a herringbone pattern on seat
  • Top poles wrapped in leather
  • Frame available with brown finish/leather or black finish/leather
  • Abaca cord is naturally tea stained
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About This Product

Wanderlust: Equestrian dressage tack inspires the Laura Kirar Explorer Stool's intricately woven seat. With techniques inspired by luxe fashion houses, 6mm leather straps are braided together with tea-stained Abaca cord in an intricate herringbone pattern, which takes several days to accomplish. The padded seat, sturdy wood frame and elegant scale make it versatile enough to be used as a stool, ottoman, bench or casual occasional seat. Available in dark brown finish with dark brown leather or black finish and black leather; both accented with light Abaca cord.

About This Collection


Working with a mix of rattan, wood and antique bronze, Laura Kirar has created a transitional collection that exudes a harmonious balance of texture and proportion. Inspired by mid-century aesthetics, her design vision combines a deep appreciation for materials and craftsmanship, a rare passion for history, and thoughtful, contemporary executions. These contemporary pieces fit comfortably within McGuire's timeless design.

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